Affiliate Listings
A list of platforms and games that treat NFTs as assets within their gaming ecosystem such as clothing, skins etc, can be found here..
Affiliate campaigns have become a new way in the marketing of the crypto industry. The innovation is pushing the entire sector towards a peer-to-peer structure where companies pay users directly instead of third-party middlemen to reach those same users.
By definition, an Affiliate program is an incentive offered to an array of participants for various activities associated with selling a product or services for a reward. The program usually gets participants spread across various stages of marketing a companies service or product. The participants in these programs range from promoters and developers.
The participants are rewarded with incentives in the form of discounts, free tokens or cash rewards. The tokens can be cashed in later when the tokens are listed on an exchange. In other words, Affiliate programs are used by crypto creator or developers using crypto as a form of commission to sensitise the public on the upcoming product or service launch. AffiliateMarketRank has Affiliate listings that allow affiliate participants to enjoy the fruit of new crypto’s upcoming affiliate programs.
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